Flipzles are unique wooden puzzles that encourage children to use both sides of their brain. Kids love to flip the pieces and use the people and objects on the back side for creative play. Then they flip them back to solve the challenging puzzle. Flipzles’ double-sided puzzle pieces are made of thick wood so that each individual piece stands on its own. This puzzle game is sure to provide your kids hours of entertainment.

Educational Toy
Flipzles are excellent educational puzzles for kids of all ages. Each unique design combines three layers of fun for children. These learning toys are not only educational, as they provide creative play opportunities for children, but also challenging as kids flip the pieces back to solve the puzzle.

Imaginative Play
Each wooden puzzle contains between twenty to twenty five pieces. Each piece flips to reveal a character or object which children can use to create their own play scenario. The pirate ship suddenly comes to life as pirates are searching for hidden treasure on a deserted island or knights battle dragons to save the princess. The child’s imagination takes over as kids will lose themselves in hours of creative play.

Quality Wooden Puzzles
Each Flipzle is created from solid wood and the pieces are thick enough for the pieces to stand on their own, enhancing the play value for kids. The images are personally designed and hand crafted by Vicki Lewis in watercolor before they are transferred to the puzzles. When you purchase a Flipzles, you are buying a quality product that will bring joy to your kids or whoever is the lucky recipient of your gift. Vicki has personally tested each design with her own kids before finalizing to ensure that these children’s puzzles will bring smiles to the faces of kids everywhere. We hope you enjoy these fun wooden puzzles as much as Vicki’s kids do.